Some Skin creams are Flammable

Some Skin creams are Flammable

Individuals who uses emollient creams to treat dry and irritated skin conditions are being cautioned they can fabrics flammable and cause them to catch to fire more easily.

The drugs regulators say clear warnings on product packaging is needed to alert customers.

The MHRA says it has heard of more than 50 such death’s reported by UK fire and rescue services.

Washing clothing and bedding can reduce product build-up but not totally evacuate it.

It was recently thought the risk occurred with emollients that contained over half paraffins but evidence now points to a risk with all emollients, including paraffin free- ones.

Fabric that has been in repeated contact with these product burns more easily, meaning users should not smoke or go near naked flames.

 Philip Hoe passed on accidentally setting himself ablaze at Doncaster Royal Infirmary in 2006, when sparks from a cigarette reacted with the emollient cream he was covered in.

Within seconds, Mr. Cultivator, who was receiving treatment for psoriasis, was engulfed on fire and he died not long after being transfer to another hospital, in Sheffield.

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