11 Boys Feared Dead in Boarding School Fire

Not less than 11 young men have died and 20 extremely consumed in a fire accident in Uganda while they slept in their dormitories, Police have reported today. Henry Nsubuga, headmaster of the school in Rakai in southern Uganda, suspected that some of recently expelled student committed the wrongdoing. The fire ripped through the St Bernard Secondary School in Rakai on Sunday night. “The arsonists first locked the doors of the residences previously setting them ablaze notwithstanding when the save came it was hard to evacuate the student inside the quarters, some would have been spared yet died of suffocation,” Nsubuga said. “A few bodies were burnt beyond recognition and police have recommended a DNA test to set up their identities and parentage ” he included. Area police chief Ben Nuwamanya revealed to AFP that 11 students have been affirmed dead. “Around 20 students have been conceded with serious burns and are in critical condition however doctor say some will stabilize,” he included. He said the reason for the fire is as yet obscure, and that three individuals, including a guard at the school, had been arrested for questioning.

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