11 South African soldiers convicted of abusing boy in DRC

Kastina Police Command Takes Drug Abuse Campaign to Schools
Eleven South African officers have been sentenced for abusing a high school kid during an UN peacekeeping deployment to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the military said in a statement.

The men, who were sentenced for common law assault by a military court, dragged the 17-year-old into their base in southern Kasai territory after he was caught allegedly stealing buckets in January, the military said Monday.

Sixteen men were initially charged under anti- torture legislation over the occurrence but five were subsequently cleared of all charges.

“The chief of the South African National Defense Force, General Solly Shoke, welcomed the speedy trial and the successful conviction of those guilty of assault and tarnishing the good name of the SANDF peacekeepers in the DRC,” said the statement.

South Africa is one of the leading contributors to the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the December Republic of the Congo, according to a UN briefing Note.

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