30 pregnant women die every day in Zamfara – NMA

At least 30 pregnant women die daily in Zamfara state, North West Nigeria, the vice-chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association in the state, Dr. Mannir Bature, has disclosed.

Dr. Bature spoke at a town hall meeting with the state’s governorship candidate on the topic: “Our Government, Our Health” organized by Advocacy Nigeria for enhanced Maternal Health and Children Initiative.

He said the high rate of child and maternal mortality rate in the state could not be unconnected to the general failure in the effective healthcare delivery system in the state.

“In Zamfara state today with the number of population over 4 million, there is 1 medical doctor to 1,000 residents as against the WHO standard of 5 skilled health personnel to personnel 1,000 population,” he added.

He further explained that Zamfara state has 345doctors and Gusau City with the number of inhabitants 600,000 out of more than 4 million has 275 doctors while the remaining 13 local government areas share only 75 doctors.

Speaking on the infrastructure and basic equipment at the hospitals across the state, Dr. Bature said none of the primary and secondary doctors has equipment, such as, nebulizer, oxygen, suction machines adding that ultra sound machines are not accessible too.

He said in the state health service, there is no one functional vehicle for regular inspection.

“There is no neonatal care unit in any primary or secondary hospital in the state and even the manpower development policy, for example, training and retraining of health personnel has been abandoned.

“Different issues hindering the advancement of healthcare delivery in the state include poor remuneration and lack of motivation for the health personnel.

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