‘4 million Nigerians affected by diabetes’

'4 million Nigerians affected by diabetes'
The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, University of Lagos, Dr Olufemi Fasanmade, has said that four million Nigerians are afffected by diabetes. Fasanmade expressed this during the disclosing of Insulin Degludec, a once-day by day basal insulin for the treatment of diabetes manufactured by Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, last Friday at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos. He noticed that the greater part of the general population living with diabetes in the nation was not diagnosed because most often diabetes, especially type 2, probably won’t have any side effect. In terms of mortality, Fasanmade stress that the quantity of individuals who lost their lives of diabetes was higher than the individuals who lost their lives to HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. “In the hospital where I work (he said) , about 33% of the patients who come in with stroke, heart failure or kidney failure, have diabetes to blame for their conditions. In this way, it is a substantially more serious issue than malaria, HIV or tuberculosis,” Fasanmade said. Additionally, a professor from the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetology at the Medical University of Graz, Austria, Thomas Pieber, said that keeping up great blood glucose control with insulin treatment could be challenging for medical professionals and patients because of worries over low blood pressure. Pieber also said that the symptoms of low blood sugar might include trembling, hunger, perspiring, and difficulty in concentrating, among others. “Serious low blood sugar may prompt seizure, coma and death. Nocturnal low blood sugar is a reale worry for individuals with diabetes as it is often unpredictable and unrecognized,” he said.

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