American mother throws her baby from moving car in Bali

Tourists walk along a street in Denpasar, where an American woman allegedly threw her baby from a moving car. A two-month-old girl died after she thrown from a moving car by her American mother, police in Bali have alleged. Nicole Stasio, 32, then jumped from vehicle in an apparent suicide attempt at a junction in the Indonesian island’s capital city of Denpasar. Her baby was found severely injured less than a mile away, said South Denpasar police chief Nyoman Wiarajaya.
The infant was taken to Bali’s Mandara hospital, where she died about seven hours later. Ms Stasio was taken to the same hospital for treatment and has not yet been questioned by officials because she is in severe state of depression, said Mr Wiarajaya. He added that she had travelled to Bali from her home in California with her parents while pregnant in July. The parents stayed for about 10 days but Ms Stasio remained on the island and gave birth in September. Her parents did not know who fathered the child, according to Mr Wiarajaya “She refused to answer when they asked about her baby’s father,” said the police chief, citing information from a driver and a tour guide who had accompanied the family. “But she gave the impression that she was unmarried and her family preferred that she give birth to a child abroad, like wanting to avoid something.”

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