Cameroon separatists ‘risk death sentence’

Cameroon separatists 'risk death sentence'
Ten Cameroonian separatist leaders who were extradited from Nigeria earlier this year will face trial next month on terrorism charges that could lead to the death penalty, Reuters news agency quotes one of their lawyers as saying after a court hearing on Tuesday. Among them is Sisuku Julius Ayuk Tabe, the leader of an Anglophone separatist movement in western Cameroon fighting to break away from the Francophone-dominated central government. Mr Tabe and his co-defendants have been charges with 10 offences, including terrorism, advocating terrorism, secession, civil war and revolution.
The secessionist movement took up arms last year to demand independence for the North-West and South-West regions – the two English-speaking regions in a country where French is the most widely spoken official language. Since then, hundreds of people including civilians, separatist fighters and government forces have been killed in the violence.

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