Child Abuse-Man engages his 11-year-old child in sexual relations with his stepmum

A man has forced his 11-year-old kid to have intercourse with his stepmother in an offer to “cure him” of homosexuality. Daniel Dowling’s dad made him watch pornography and participate in threesomes in his home in Bracknell, Berkshire, England, when he was only 11 years of age. The sexual torment continued for 3year. Daniel has now waived his anonymity, enabling his dad and stepmother to be named for the first time. Now 36, Daniel spoke to The Mirror and revealed that he is “still haunted” by his stepmother’s fragrance decades after the sexual abuse. During his dad Richard Dowling and stepmother Annette Break spears trials, Dowling, now 62, said he was “endeavoring to control him [Daniel] the right way and not to go to the direction for being gay.” It was revealed that Richard Dowling forced his child Daniel to give his stepmom “goodnight kisses” while she was chained to the bed naked. On one occasion, he punched Daniel after he declined to perform a sex act on his stepmother.

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