Domestic house help watches while baby chokes to death

baby chokes to death
baby chokes to death

A Kenyan Lawyer, Mr Steve Opar and his wife, Wendy Audrey are mourning at the moment, following the death of their son who was left in the care of their house help at St Mary’s Estate in Nakuru Town.

Opar was in Nyahururu, Laikipia County, when he received a call from a neighbor at around 17:00pm.  

‘‘He called and told me that my son was dying after choking on food” Confused and shaken, he asked the neighbor to take the child to the War Memorial Hospital, as he sped back to Nakuru.

“Since he was my only child, Baby Jayden [Blessing] meant everything to me. As I drove back, I called my wife and told her to also rush to the hospital,” he said.

Mrs Opar speaking on the sad incident said; “I did not even get to celebrate his first birthday, which was in a month’s time. It was the most painful moment of my life,” she said.

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Ms. Naomi Wambui, the neighbor who had called Mr Opar, said;

“I rushed into the house and found the house help watching television. When I asked her where the child was, she gestured towards the bedroom. I was shocked to find the child lying on the bed on his back before I called his parents,” she said

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