Drunken lady swallows earrings, assaults police

Drunken lady swallow's earrings, assaults police
A Michigan lady Sylvia Hope Verellen who allegedly swallowed earrings that belonged to her boyfriend’s deceased mother was arrested for drunkenly assaulting police and grabbing one of their handguns, according to reports. Sylvia Hope Verellen assaulted police and swallowed earrings under the influence of alcohol. The 33-year-old Verellen of Roseville, was intoxicated and uncooperative when police arrived at a Troy residence, where her boyfriend had requested her to leave however she refused, the Detroit Free Press reported. At the point when officers remove her from the home, she opposed and allegedly punched an officer, the report said. Officers carried her out of the home when she battled and snatched at one of their handguns, police said. She likewise spat at an officer and attempted to chomp them, Troy Police Lt. Josh Jones disclosed to Fox 2 Detroit. Verellen then told officers that she ate a pair of earrings that belonged to her boyfriend’s mom and she was instantly taken to a hospital to recover the jewelry, the report said. “She had put diamond earrings in her ears and a ring on her finger that belonged to his mom who had passed away. “She thought the best strategy was to swallow the earrings,” Jones revealed to Fox 2. She was accused of hindering and obstructing a cop, aggravated assault and battering threatening a cop, the Free Press revealed. A judge set her bond at $2,000, the report said.

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