Ex-Thai monk sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape

A former Buddhist monk who sparked outrage in Thailand over his lavish lifestyle and is already serving time for fraud was sentenced to a further 16 years in prison on Wednesday for abducting, raping and impregnating a 14-year-old girl between 2000 and 2001, an official who spoke on condition of anonymity said.rape In August, he was handed a combined sentence of 114 years in jail for public fraud, money laundering and a computer crime violation. “Should they stay or should they go? Nigeria’s dilemma on FDI” However, a Thai law only allows a maximum of 20 years in prison, making his total imprisonment to 36 years. Sukphol fled Thailand to the United States in 2013 after an arrest warrant was issued on him. He was extradited back to Thailand in July 2017 after spending one year in a U.S. prison. Months before Wirapol left Thailand, he made headlines when videos and photos surfaced showing him in brand-name sunglasses carrying a Louis Vuitton bag on a private jet. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country where monks are revered for their discipline and non-materialistic devotion. The uproar over Sukphol’s inappropriate behaviour and unusual wealth was soon followed by a string of accusations. The accusation includes scamming dozens of people up to 845,000 dollars in donations to fake causes advertised on his website. He had fled to the United States in 2013 when the various charges were first leveled, and was extradited back to Thailand in Jul. 2017.Following many allegations,including alcohol consumption and claiming to have supernatural abilities,which violate Buddhist monastic rules,Sukphol was expelled from the monkhood

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