Excessive Cold Threaten Lives and Business in Dutse

Excessive Cold
Excessive Cold

Excessive cold, as a result of the  Harmattan season, has become a source of concern to the people of Dutse, the Jigawa State capital, North west Nigeria. Investigations on Sunday, in Dutse, revealed that the cold weather had forced people indoors, crippling commercial and social activities in the metropolis and environs. Most shops remained shut while only a few passengers were sighted at motor parks.

Many civil servants had also reported late at their offices last week as a result of the cold weather. Some workers at both Federal and state secretariat cited the cold weather as the reason for reporting late to work in the past few days.

Hajiya Hauwa Idris, a trader in Dutse market, said that she only opened her shop around 2: 00 p.m. or sometimes stayed back at home due to the cold weather. She explained that, in view of the cold, she had not been getting any patronage from customers.

Chukwuma Obi, another shop owner in Dutse market, said sales had dropped during the Hamatan season as the cold was forcing people indoors. He said, “In fact, I can tell you some of my colleagues don’t even want to open their shops because of the cold.”

Several people also reported a similar lull in business activities that could be seen from the various commercial hot spots in the state capital.

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