Expert Emphasises the Need for Teacher’s Welfare Development

Teacher’s Welfare
Teacher’s Welfare

Mrs. Florence Okorji, School Administrator of Mater Dei Schools, Satellite Town, Lagos, has urged school owners and managers to prioritize teachers’ welfare and development, owing to its immense benefits to human and national advancement. She said this at the 10th-anniversary dinner with parents, teachers, and friends of the school held recently in Lagos.

Okorji who used the occasion to celebrate and reward teaching and non-teaching staff of the school for their dedication to their respective duties remarked that teachers’ welfare and continuous self-development are paramount to the school. She also assured parents that the school would continue to follow new trends in the sector, as well as explore new areas of learning; she restated that no matter how fantastic a school’s vision and mission are, it still needs quality teachers to carefully deliver its mandates.

She said, “Our focus is on training and producing individuals who are balanced and critical in reasoning, children that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the peers across the globe and prove their worth. But then we are aware of the role of teachers in all of this, which is why our teachers are trained to recognize the talents and abilities of each pupil and help them to hone it. We run an inclusive curriculum that also takes care of children with special needs.”

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