Expert Enlightens Nigerians on Good Eating Habit

Good Eating Habit
Good Eating Habit

Dr. Mosun Adeoye, a Medical expert, has advised Nigerians to imbibe good eating habits; Adeoye made this known in Ilorin on Wednesday when speaking on the consequences of abnormal feeding habits. She said that such consequences include malnutrition, chronic depression and ailing body, among others. The medical expert noted that poor nutrition had negative effect, especially on children as they developed poorly both physically and psychologically .

She said, “Critical growth periods need special nutrition. So if a child is not well fed with the right food items, so many things can happen to the child. There is likely to be stunted growth, chronic medical problems, inadequate bones and muscle growth and lack of neurological development. The effect of this is that the brain will be negatively affected in its functioning and information processes. Such children will find it difficult to understand social relationships and academic tasks.”

She said, “We should try to take heed of the advice because one may think that eating well is costly. By adopting a better diet and a wiser lifestyle, you can live longer and enjoy a healthier and more productive life. Try as much as possible to include fruits and vegetables in your diet as these go a long way to help

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