Experts Say 25% of Nigerian Pregnant Women are at High Risk of Death

High Risk of Death
High Risk of Death

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) says 25 percent of Nigerian pregnant women are at high risk of death. Ladipo, who is also the president of the association, disclosed this in an interview on Wednesday in Abuja. According to him, too many pregnancies, that is, having more than four children is associated with a high risk of death.

He said, “Having too many pregnancies too closely spaced is not the best. Pregnancies should be spaced between two and a half years or three. Pregnancy before the age of 18 and pregnancies above the age of 35 years is associated with major complications especially hypertension.”

However, Ladipo called for the abolition of child marriage and as well as encouraging girls to go to school to guard against starting reproduction before age 18. The CEO advised women to be content with having three or maximum four children likewise the men irrespective of gender or sex.

He, however, frowned at the discrimination between the female and male children in Nigeria adding that male children were prized than the female describing the culture as wrong. According to him, every child should be a wanted child, every child is indeed a gift from God and they all have a potential to contribute to the overall development of the nation if given the opportunity. Ladipo warned. 

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