Fast food workers arrested for ecstasy in burger

ecstasy in burger
ecstasy in burger

Employees at a fast-food outlet have been arrested after a family discovered an ecstasy pill in their four-year-old’s burger.

Sonic Drive-In manager Tanisha Dancer, 30, Jose Molina, 22, and Jonathan Roberson, 35, were arrested on Thursday after an 11-year-old found a little blue pill in a kid’s meal purchased from a restaurant in Taylor in the US state of Texas.

“The 11-year-old daughter was opening the hamburger for her four-year-old brother. It was a kid’s meal,” police chief Henry Fluck of the Taylor Police Department told CBS Austin.

“When she opened the wrapping, she noticed a pill. Being an 11-year-old, she asked her parents if this was candy.”

The family brought the meal to the police department, which identified the pill as the drug ecstasy (MDMA). The drug causes brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin to rise, making people feel giddy, emotional, and energized.

According to a press release sent to Yahoo Lifestyle from the Taylor Texas Police Department, Ms Dancer was first charged with Possession of Controlled Substance and later, Delivery of a Controlled Substance, and Endangering a Child.

Mr Roberson also had four outstanding warrants for theft, driving without a license, failing to appear in court, and bond forfeiture. Mr. Molina was arrested for marijuana possession.

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