1. Fidson urges breastfeeding for child health.

As part of activities in commemoration of the World Breastfeeding Week, which is marked from August 1-7 every  year, The Authorities of Fidson Healthcare Plc, have describe breastfeeding as the best source of nourishment for infants and young.Speaking on this,

The Company’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Friday Enaholo, said breastfeeding ‘’ is the cornerstone of child’s healthy growth’’ and urges Nigerian women to breastfeed their babies in order to stave off diseases and infection.He also said breast milk is an essential source of energy and nutrients for children, being a crucial source of nourishment during illness, noting that, supporting breastfeeding is one of the health investments any government can make, especially in preventing child mortality, improving maternal and child health, he therefore advocated support for breastfeeding, especially for working mothers, advising, breastfeeding mothers to drink clean water in other to increase the flow of breast milk , and intake of nutritional supplements such as Crestar-pre-natal, which contains all the micro-nutrients, vitamins and other requirements in the right types, quality and combinations for optimal growth and well being of mother and child.


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