Group teaches Festac Town residents how to turn waste to wealth

Group teaches Festac Town residents how to turn waste to wealth

To celebrate the ongoing World Environment Day, Exotic Green Gold Foundation (EGGOF), a non-governmental association, lectured residents of Festac Town in Lagos about waste recycling.

The event, which marked the second anniversary of the foundation, was tagged “Environment Sustainability and Waste to Wealth Exhibition.” It had in attendance a good number of residents, including men, women and persons living with disabilities.

National coordinator of Exotic Green Gold Foundation, Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna, said the organization was floated partly to address the high level of ignorance of peoples about the environment.

According to her, numerous unfriendly behavior have polluted the environment, , impoverished the soil and polluted the air and sea; endangereing wildlife and marine species.

“The topic of this year’s World Environmental Day is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution.’

“We all realize that it is not possible to ban the production and use of plastics and nylons in Nigeria like a few countries have done”.

In developed countries, waste collection and recycling is a multi-million-dollar business. In this country, there are few jobs but there are opportunities for work and self-development through skill acquisition, and recycling is part of it.”

She said the foundation needed youths to know about the abundance of pounds and dollars in the streets that could be seen by just a couple of eyes: “We encourage them to look inwards and take advantage of it.

Ogbonna said, in 2016, the foundation put more than 200 waste baskets in Festac Town, regretting that only a few were still available due to the unusual unfriendly environmental behaviors of the people.

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