Harmattan Increases Risk of Infections

Experts say harmattan comes with dust that can trigger the following conditions
a. Asthmatic attacks
b. Bronchitis
c. Common cold,
d. Catarrh
e. Meningitis.
f. Studies have also shown that harmattan triggers sickle cell crises in those with sickle cell anemia, so patients with sickle cell should keep warm.


Harmattan season is usually a dry and dusty period associated with low humidity. As a result, the weather is harsh to the hair as well as the skin. It lowers humidity, dissipates cloud cover, prevents rainfall formation and creates big clouds of dust or sand which can even result in violent dust storms or sandstorm.
Experts have advised that we limit exposure to dust; by washing curtains and servicing air conditioners to avoid harmattan induced symptoms, also by wiping windows, fans with wet rags.
People are advised to drink more water to prevent dehydration and heatstroke and do steam inhalation.

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