1. Diabetes can be induced by Pregnancy
Pregnancy related hormones reduce efficiency of insulin resulting in high blood sugar; the baby is then able to take from this sugar for his needs. When this increase is excessive it becomes a problem, the baby can become too big and the woman may become diabetic.
This problem usually arises between the 20th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. Antenatal care can take care of this. The diabetes of pregnancy in most cases disappears after delivery but could progress into full blown diabetes if not properly treated. Such babies can also grow to become fat and diabetic.2. Caffeine is not advisable in pregnancy
Caffeine is not advisable in pregnancy, it can affect the intake of iron which can lead to low blood level. Moreover, the growing baby in the womb cannot breakdown caffeine into harmless substances, consequently as the pregnant woman drinks/takes caffeine containing substances, the baby also takes them. Thus the infant could have withdrawal symptoms as infants are not usually given caffeine substances.
Heavy caffeine intake can lead to delivery of low birth weight babies.
Experiments in animals have shown that caffeine can cause abortion.
Women should please note that caffeine is in some non-prescription drugs, tea, coffee, chocolate and soft drinks.

3. Water Melon can improve erection
Water melon contains certain substances called amino acids which are actually the smallest forms of protein. Some of these amino acids are used by the body to produce arginine which is helpful in widening blood vessels in the body and therefore increases blood flow. Because of this, arginine helps to increase penile erection.
Water melon therefore helps to reduce impotence.

4. Measles is the biggest killer among the vaccine preventable diseases.
Among the vaccine-preventable childhood killer diseases, measles is the worst, accounting for 50-60 percent of deaths from that class of diseases.
It affects about thirty (30) million persons annually with about half a million deaths, mostly in countries like Nigeria. The other vaccine preventable diseases are TB, polio, whooping cough, tetanus, meningitis and diphtheria. You can easily save your child from this disease and the others by vaccination.

5. Meningitis Spreads through coughing/sneezing/kissing/sharing lip sticks etc.
The way meningitis spreads from person to person depends on the agent that caused the disease. If caused` by bacteria, it will spread through coughing, sneezing if close to the sick person as discharges can be blown as droplets to other persons. It can also spread through kissing, sharing lip sticks/lip savers, tooth brushes etc. If caused by a virus, it spreads by faecal (Stool) contamination of hands resulting from failure to wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet or changing baby diapers. There are other means of spread but these two are the most important.

6. Obesity is one the sins of sugar
Excessive sugar consumption is linked to obesity; the reason is simple and easy to understand. If the sugar consumed by you is more than you require, the excess is converted into another substance called glycogen and also into fat. It is this fat that leads to obesity. The ability of the body to store fat is limitless and is stored in what is called adipose cells; new adipose cells can easily be formed. The storage sites include the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

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