1. Migraine is treatable
Migraine is a type of improper functioning of the central nervous system which manifests as widespread body disturbances, some of which are painful and some of which are not. The most disturbing feature of this syndrome is the periodic headache usually referred to simply as migraine. Migraine headaches differ from headaches due to other causes by having its-own characteristic features.
There are specific drugs for treating migraine and these are best prescribed by the doctor. However the basic principle is to provide a drug that would cause constriction of the blood vessels either orally, through the anus or by injection. Regular sedative drugs in appropriate doses are usually prescribed by doctors and this sometimes brings about a decrease in the frequency of attacks.

2. African pear (Ube) promotes the health of the heart
African pear contains plenty of soluble fibre; high intake of soluble fibre reduces absorption of cholesterol and bile acid (which are also rich in cholesterol) from the small intestines, thereby reducing blood cholesterol level. When soluble fibres are broken down by bacteria in the intestines, some fatty acids released are said to reduce the production of cholesterol by the liver. By lowering blood cholesterol, fibres help too reduce the risk of heart disease.
African pear also contains plenty of potassium which helps to prevent irregular heart beat and to reduce risk of stroke.

3. Hepatitis E is preventable
Hepatitis E can be prevented through:- Food hygiene, Use of Proper sanitation facilities, Personal hygiene, Drinking only safe water, Cooking Bush meat thoroughly and Being aware of the disease

4. Hepatitis E is caused by Hepatitis E virus
Hepatitis E is caused by Hepatitis E virus which is said to be very sensitive to high salt concentration. Hepatitis E affects mainly human but can also occur in animals like chimpanzees, goats, cows, sheep and rats.
The virus does not lead to chronic infection, recovery being almost always complete.
Human beings are the main reservoir of the infection. Spread is through food and water contaminated by stool (shit) and occasionally through person to person; close contact with an infected person could aid spread through contamination of say the fingers of the other person during a hand shake
The stool gets to food and water through unwashed fingers and open defeacation.

5. The best treatment for lead poisoning is prevention.
The best treatment for lead poisoning is its prevention. Preventive methods include the following:
• The avoidance of possible sources of lead exposure and screening people who are at risk of lead poisoning.
• People who live in old houses should check for the lead concentration by using a lead kit. If it shows high levels, the houses should be renovated and re-painted with lead-free paints. It is important that children be evacuated from the building prior to the renovation as the breaking-down process often leads to emission of high levels of lead which can be inhaled.
• People who use lead pipes should have them changed, or should allow water run from the pipes for at least 10minutes before they collect for boiling and drinking.
• People who live in areas where the soil is highly contaminated by lead can minimize exposure by wet mopping their floors instead of sweeping and dry mopping. Children should be stopped from playing on bare soil and their hands and face washed frequently.
• Also, diets rich in Iron, Calcium, Zinc and low in fat have been found to reduce the gut absorption of lead for any given exposure
• Children and pregnant women who are at risk or are suspected to have lead poisoning should be screened early to avoid complications as these may be difficult to reverse after they are established.
• Observe occupational health hazards preventive measures in your place of work.
• Do not buy food in lead soldered food cans.

6. Kissing is an expression of deep love between couples.
A kiss is symbol of love, adoration, respect and kindness characterized in the main by lip contact. While kissing has its several health implications , it has remained as popular as ever with passionate kisses indicating more love and intimacy than sexual intercourse between couples, hence sex workers rarely kiss their clients.
There are different types of kisses:- Eskimo kiss, Gentle Kiss. Peck, Single Lip kiss, French Kiss, Sloppy Kiss, Earlobe Kiss, Angel Kiss and Nibble Kiss

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