One of the structures that can cause “make” and unmake” one’s face is the nose, hence one of the beautifying methods is a “nose job”.
The nose also enables you to breathe, determines your ability to smell, and protects you from infection by filtering the air you breathe in. The nose also moistens and warms the air entering the lungs and determines to an extent the quality of your voice. These functions are often over looked until something goes wrong. We then suddenly realize we cannot breathe freely and cannot perceive odours. One of such conditions is BLEEDING FROM THE NOSE.
Nose bleeding in children is commonly from the front of the nose called the Little’s area; the area has a lot of blood vessels which help to normalize the air entering our body. Occasionally it could be from the back of the nose but this is more common in adults.Nose bleed could be very scary but it is rarely fatal, most of nose bleeds could be managed at home.

In this write up, we are considering persons aged 0-12 years.

1. Severe Fever
Severe fever with temperature over 101 degrees F. or 38 degrees Celsius can cause nose bleed in children. In our environment this fever could be due to malaria, pneumonia, measles, or several other infectious diseases.

2. Colds/allergic rhinitis
The common cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat characterized by repeated sneezing and running nose. When severe, it could be accompanied by nose bleed. This could be due to increased blood supply to the little’s area owing to the resultant inflammation.
The same could be said of allergic rhinitis; the nose runs copiously and there is repeated sneezing as a reaction to pollen, paint fumes and some other irritants, even the common insecticide used to kill mosquitoes.

3. Nose blowing
Trying to clear the nostrils by nose blowing can cause the rupture of blood vessels in the Little’s area resulting in a nose bleed.

4. Nose Picking
Children often pick their nostrils, even adults do that a lot. This action can and do injure the some of the blood vessels in the Little’s area resulting in nose bleed. This is more common if the nails are sharp.

5. Injuries to the nose due to fights, road traffic accidents, etc
The nose can easily be injured in a fight, road traffic accident and several other mishaps; the bone of the nose or/and the soft part (cartilage) of the nose can be broken in any of the above. The result is a nose bleed.

6. Foreign body in the nose.
Children are quite adventurous and inquisitive, they easily introduce foreign objects into their nose, the introduction could cause nose bleed; so also is the attempt to remove the object.

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