Local Hunters Chase Boko Haram from Yobe Town

Local Hunters Chase Boko Haram
Local Hunters Chase Boko Haram

Local hunters engaged suspected Boko Haram terrorists in a fierce battle on Sunday; the suspected Boko Haram fighters invaded Buni- Gari, a town in Yobe state. A resident of the town disclosed this, saying the insurgents struck around 5 pm. He said though soldiers were not on the ground when the attack was launched, the hunters succeeded in forcing the insurgents to beat a retreat.

Another source said though the insurgents have been sent out of the town, Buni-Gari has been deserted. He said,“Many have fled to nearby Buni-Yadi over the fear that Boko Haram members might regroup and launch a deadlier attack. Buni-Yadi is more secure than Buni-Gari. There are soldiers there.”

This attack comes two days after Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, said Boko Haram has not struck outside Borno since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office in 2015.

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