Mother warned drowned son about sea

The mother of a young teenager who passed on after being swept out to sea cautioned her child not to go “past his belly button” because he could not swim.

Ben Quarter Maine, 15, got into difficulty while swimming with a friend near Clacton Pier, Essex, on 26 July.

He was swept out to sea by a current and disappeared for two days before his body was found.

His mom Vicky Knight said more ought to be done in school to caution children of the dangers of the ocean.

“I had dependably said to him since you can’t swim don’t go past your belly button.”

She said she didn’t think learning how to swim was as essential as learning about what to do if you are caught in currents in the ocean.

Miss Knight said she last saw her child the day before the accident, when she revealed to him she cherished him.

On her way home from work the following day she said she had an “awful feelings” and was met by police at her door who disclosed to her what had happened and took her to the pier.

“It was one of the hardest moments of my life going down there,” she said.

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