Navy Arrest Rice Smuggler in Akwa Ibom


Parading the suspects on Thursday in Ibaka during the official hand-over of the suspects and the smuggled items to the Nigeria Customs Service, Commanding Officer, FOB, Captain Yusuf Idris, said the Navy has been performing its constitutional duty of protecting the nation’s waterways against illegal smuggling. He confirmed that the FOB had been empowered by the Navy’s high command to end criminal activities in the Eastern Marine flank and cripple pockets of smugglers.

He said, “We will assist them in crippling their pocket the more since they refuse to hear our plea and advise to look elsewhere for a job that is legally allowed instead of engaging in illegal smuggling; we don’t have any option than to arrest and hand them over to the Nigeria Customs Service for further investigation and possible prosecution and even conviction. Some of the suspected smugglers are second offenders, so it is deliberate that they are not willing to stop and we have told them that for us here, that is what we do for a living. We have been paid with taxpayers’ money to ensure that this country is rid of all illegalities, especially on the nation’s maritime domain and for us in the Eastern flank.”

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