New HIV drugs kills 99 percent of virus during first human trial

A new HIV drug made by Israeli scientists has passed its first human clinical trial.
At end of the trial, it was discovered that the medication, named Gammora, made by Zion Medical, an Israeli biotech organization was capable for wiping out 99 percent of HIV contaminated cells in the human body. As indicated by an statement released by the organization and accessible on PR Newswire, Gammora could take out up to 90 percent of the virus during the first four weeks of the trial. Zion Medical developed the drug Gammora in a joint effort with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Sirion Biotech in Germany. The medication is designed to attack and murder the HIV-infected cells in the human body without causing harm to the healthy cells. In the study, researcher’s randomly assigned nine participating patients from the Ronald Bata Memorial Hospital in Uganda to get receive different doese of Gammora between four to five weeks in July and August of this current year. While the new HIV tranquilize is still in its first phase of investigation, the outcomes have just outcome have slready offered hope that a cure for the dreaded virus is possible.
“Most patients demonstrated a huge reduction of the viral load of up to 90 percent from the standard during the first four weeks ,” said Dr. Esmira Naftalim, Zion Medical’s head of development.

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