NGO Trains 40 Children, Youths on Skill Acquisition

NGO Trains
NGO Trains

Centre for Child Care and Youth De­velopment, CCYD, has trained no fewer than 40 children and youths on skill acquisitions such as making of soaps, bead making, basic computer learning amongst other. The Chief Executive Director, CCYD, Dr. John Abhuere Spoke in Abuja during the Graduation Ceremony of the 40 children and youths, said the training was to teach them to take their future into their hands.

He said, “Basically, what we are do­ing is to tell them that they can succeed in life if they have basic skills on how to produce different things by themselves. And we believe that they can start early in life to do this because we want them to succeed and make Nigeria a better place for us. Precisely we set up the center to address the number of youth issues, to give care to the young people and to the children. I will think that today has been my happiest day, when we sat down to start doing what we had in mind , we want children to come and advise them on the need to be mor­ally upright and also to take life serious, and aspired to be great leaders of tomorrow.”

Also, speaking, the Pro­gram Officer, CCYD, Timothy Andrew said, “we had estimate of over 40 stu­dents including the second­ary and primary school. The purpose of training them is to make sure they acquired skills that will benefit their future and their present life. They learnt how to make beads, soaps and to do something in basic as they were taught and we taught them moral, time management etc. Our expectation is that now they have gradu­ated from this training, they have different mind-set and right now am sure that they wouldn’t want to idol and the whole of the idea I believe that they can fend for them­selves right now and they can produce what they supposed to produce if not for save and immediate needs of the fami­lies and it is actually one way to cut cost.”

One of the beneficiaries, Riowan Abdullateef, said, “I learnt how to make soap, bead making, uses of com­puter and all of that. I want to thank CCYD for making our day. Indeed we are grate­ful to them for this kind of training we did not pay for. May God bless them all.”

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