Niger decries circulation of contaminated Meat

Meat contamination and tainted food concept with a raw red beaf steak infected with dangerous bacteria as E coli resulting in health dangers and biohazard medical situation as a symbol of a health risk.
Niger State Government has raised the alarm over contaminated meat in circulation in all the 25 local government area the state, saying the pieces were dangerous to health. The state Commissioner for Livestock and Fisheries, Zakari Bawa, said butchers currently initiated animals with steroid before butchering them. Bawa stated, “during the Sallah festivity, a man purchased two rams and decided to rear one and butcher the other. However, couple of weeks after, while nourishing the creature, it shrank as opposed to becoming fatter. “The government discovered that some deceitful components have been initiating and contaminated animals. This is because of the increase in consumption; these mischievous individuals have started utilizing drugs, especially antibiotics on animals.

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