Nigerian Men Are Eager to Resume Sex After Wives’ Delivery Says Study

Nigerian Men Are Eager to Resume Sex After Wives’ Delivery Says Study
A new study carried out by a Nigerian Mom and Baby Care Company, Mothersbond Limited has shown that most Nigerian men who recently became fathers are eager to know how early they can resume having sex with their partner after childbirth. It also showed that the new fathers were also very concerned about the after effect of childbirth on their partners’ birth canal.

The study which interviewed 1,088 married and unmarried fathers via telephone calls, emails, and through social media on Instagram and Facebook messenger across 30 states in Nigeria focused on men aged between 25 and 49. Among those interviewed in the study which was concluded in August 2018, 60 percent of whom were first-time fathers.

Speaking on the findings in Lagos, the Chief Executive of Mothersbond Limited, Mr. Michael Osuji said, “The study revealed that these concerns are really strong for men, and only secondary to the safety of their wives and babies.” In essence, once the wife/partner and baby are safe, the first thoughts that come to mind are when (how quickly) intercourse can resume; followed by the postpartum condition of the birth canal; how and when the belly and overall body of their partner would go back to shape and the after effect of breastfeeding during the months of nursing.

He said, “We find that these concerns are more important to them, and rank higher than the cost implications of having a new baby, long-term postpartum complications if any, as well as changes in the home that comes with having a newborn which we thought should be at the very top of their mind but it wasn’t. We took it a step further and shared our findings with the women about what majority of the men had said (not their own partners specifically), 94 percent weren’t surprised at all, 78 percent of the women had same concerns.”

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