One dies as SUV falls into river in Abuja

As indicated by a report by Punch Metro, a young fellow, identified as Kingsley, has lost his life after a Lexus SUV lost control and fell into a waterway behind EFAB Estate, Lokogoma District, Abuja, on Monday. Two different occupants of the vehicle survived the accident which happened toward the beginning of the day after the SUV tumbled off a limited scaffold and arrived on its back in the flooded river . Northern City News reports that residents hurried to the scene and saved the occupants, however Kingsley, who was the first to be rescued, mysteriously came back to the water and was cleared away. His body was discovered later toward the evening by jumpers. An observer, who identified himself as Patrick, said he was in his room when he heard an uproarious commotion from the scene, including that a few residents said they saw the driver on top speed before the accident. He stated, “I was hearing a yell from my room; along these lines, I turned out and saw individuals attempting to bring the driver out of the vehicle.
“We had to smash the windscreen to bring him out of the auto yet during the time spent doing that, he was starting to suffocate and we figured out how to convey him out and took him to the healing facility, however the third person who was in the rearward sitting arrangement suffocated and we couldn’t discover him.

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