One in Every Five Nigerian Youths is Ignorant of HIV Status Says Experts

Dr. Juliet Iwelunmor, the co-founder of a youth organization, 4 Youth By Youth, has described the number of youths who are yet to know their HIV/AIDS status as alarming adding that, one out of every five youths is ignorant of his/her status. She said youths are more at risk of unsafe sex and unhealthy practices, hence the need to enlighten more youths on the prevention of HIV/AIDS. To ensure all youths in the country know their status, Iwelunmor is advocating for self-testing among the youths, while insisting such practice will further reduce the number of new HIV positive Nigerians and encourage the HIV negative to prevent it.

Also, the CEO of the Lagos State AIDS control agency (LSACA), Dr. Ouseyi Temowo in a chat urged youths throughout the country to ensure they know their HIV status as well as update their HIV test every three months.

This, according to him, will reduce the number of persons with HIV infection and AIDS in the country by the year 2020 and put an end to HIV/AIDS by 2030. He also advised that HIV negative persons should regularly update their HIV status to maintain their negativity while the positive HIV youths should contact the government hospitals and nearest primary health care (PHC) facilities for their free anti-retroviral drugs

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