Plane Kills Man on Moscow Airport

Plane Kills Man on Moscow Airport
Plane Kills Man on Moscow Airport
A plane taking off from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport ran over and killed Armenian citizen who was in transit while being deported from Spain, Russian investigators have said.

Authorities said late on Tuesday that they were investigating the circumstances of the occurrence after a dead body was found on the airport runway. The Investigative Committee said the injured individual had been hit by the landing gear of an Athens-bound passenger jet.

Surveillance footage allegedly showed Albert Yepremyan, 25, breaking free and running onto the runway as travelers boarded the Boeing 737 aircraft, an anonymous airport authority disclosed to Interfax Wednesday.

“The man went through the airport gate during boarding up for a Moscow-Yerevan flight, went to the platform bus, however immediately headed towards the runway instead of getting in,” the authority was quoted as saying.

“On [his] departure from Madrid, Mr. Yepremyan had started a fight,” the Sheremetyevo official told Interfax.

“After landing [in Moscow], police were called on board plane to detain [him].”

Fuselage damage and human remains were found on the plane after it arrived in the Greek capital, Interfax referred to Athens International Airport authorities as saying.

“A choice was made to temporarily ground the aircraft,” they included.

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