Police charge tenant for renovating house without landlord’s consent

Adebukola Oladipo

A businesswoman, Adebukola Oladipo, has been arrested by the police for allegedly damaging a building belonging to her landlord, Ediac Ezemuede. Mrs. Oladipo rented a guesthouse consisting of five rooms, an open space and two stores from the landlord in 2016. Ezemuede, in his statement to the police, said Oladipo damaged the building for reasons best known to her, adding that she used the police against him when he requested a clarification from her. “The office and the store were damaged by her (Oladipo) and in my bid to get a clarification, she got me arrested. She additionally debilitated to execute me as long as she knew my house,” he said. Oladipo, while preventing the charge from allegation threat to life, however, conceded that the house got damaged while she was trying to renovate it. The Ogun State indigene stated, “When I rented the place, there was no power no water supply to the building. The rooms, toilets and doors were damaged as well. He (the landlord) requested that I fix them and promised to refund the cash expended on the repairs or convert it to rent. He reneged on the agreement and said he could just allow me two months’ rent and I burned through N600,000 to fix the entire place. “I never threatened him; rather, different individuals, who claimed to be his siblings, came around and threatened to beat me up. I informed him when I needed to destroy the building for renovation and he didn’t complain. I don’t know why he is making an issue of it now.” Oladipo was summoned under the watchful eye of an Ogba Magistrates’ Court on two count of willful damage and conduct likely to cause a breach of harmony.

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