Pollution: Environmentalist calls for enforcement of laws

sanitation laws
Environmentalist has called the three tiers of government to implement sanitation laws in order to protect the environment from pollution The President, Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Chief Philip Asiodu, expressed that the enforcement of environment laws, particularly in Lagos State, would fill in as impediment to environment abuse. He said there were a continuity for and sustainability and authorization of sanitation laws to spare the environment. As indicated by him, sterile examiners in the past upheld sanitation laws which place individuals under tight restraints and controlled contamination due to the adherence to the tenets of cleanliness. “In colonial days, we had them as sanitary inspectors called ‘Wolewole’ and they can go into your home anytime. As of late, contamination has turned into a noteworthy hazard in many urban communities of the world, and Lagos has more than 18 million individuals, making it more crowded than different urban communities in Africa,” he said. He said there ought to be an adjustment in way of life, for example, utilization design that favors reusing and advancement of the refusal of plastics, their reuse and up-cycling to save the environment. He stated, “We should continue to sensitize the general public on the need to debilitate single utilization of plastic. It is not bad if we return back to the days where you are not permitted to eat and drink out in the open, with the goal that we can reduce plastic waste. “Millions of non-biodegradable materials are being disposed wrongly and going into the sea; that is a self- destructive looming disaster against the whole of humanity.”

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