Selena Gomez leaves hospital after a month of treatment

After more than a month in treatment, Selena Gomez has left a psychiatric facility. A source told E! News on Nov. 7 that the singer is “refreshed and is in a better head space,” adding that Selena is “out of her treatment program in NYC and is doing much better.” Selena will “still be checking in with professionals as her health battle is ongoing,” the source said. TMZ reported that while in treatment, Selena was involved in dialectical behavior therapy, a type of therapy that treats various mental health disorders. On Oct. 10, reports surfaced indicating that Selena was receiving mental health treatment after suffering from an “emotional breakdown.” TMZ said Selena was hospitalized twice in a two-week span. The first hospitalization came in late September after she had an “alarmingly low white blood cell count” in the wake of her kidney transplant, according to the outlet. She was released after a few days. Then, during the first week of October, she was again hospitalized after another low blood cell count. During that hospital stay, TMZ said she had “a meltdown” and “freaked out” and “tried ripping the IV’s out of her arm.” Several sources likened it to “an emotional breakdown.”

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