Slippery Floors Leads to Permanent Disability or Death Says Expert

Mr. Charles Igbinidu, the Managing Director of No-Slips Limited, the sole distributor of Sure-step in Nigeria, has stated that, more Nigerians are sustaining life threatening injuries and death as a result of slip and fall accidents. Mr. Igbinidu who spoke recently said as trivial as slip and fall accidents sound, injuries sustained most times can be egregious. According to him, a fall can occur anywhere; homes, offices, factories, churches, shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pool areas, bathtubs etc. as a result of wet and slippery floors, resulting in permanent injury or death. The No-Slips MD revealed that, everyone is at risk of experiencing slip and fall accidents especially children, the elderly and the handicapped. He further revealed that, many companies also expose their staff to permanent injury and death when their floors are left unsafe but resort to paying huge sum of money as hospital bill and compensation after irreversible harm has been done. He said, “So many Nigerians have lost their loved ones to the cold hands of death because of a ‘simple’ slip and fall accident while some companies have lost efficient workers as a result of this accident which is preventable. The dangers of slip and fall accident is real and has been experienced in many homes, offices and public places. Slip and fall accidents can happen in a split second, but they can leave a trail of destruction in their wake if the injuries sustained are serious, causing severe damage like traumatic brain injury, neck and spinal damage, hip and pelvic fractures, disfigurement due to facial and dental injuries etc.” He further stated that, injured persons and their families have to endure physical, financial and emotional consequences of the accident. Also the victim may be unable to work for extended periods or may lose working and earning capacity altogether. There are high medical and rehabilitation expenses to be met. The pain and suffering undergone by all those connected to the person can also take an emotional toll. He therefore advised that to prevent such emotional and financial stress, it is important for homes, offices and other institutions to take proactive steps in ensuring that their floors are safe at all times.

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