Nigerians scramble for Ghanaian “Garri” at Lagos Trade Fair

Some Nigerians were seen on line scrambling for “Garri” that was made in Ghana at the current Lagos International Trade Fair.

Newsmen report that the item, which was flawlessly packed in 125 grams sachet and marked “Fresh Gari Mix”, was in plain view at the Ghana stand at the Fair. The item is blended with groundnut and sugar and being sold for N170 per 125g at the Ghana stand.

NAN reports that numerous Nigerians were seen sitting tight quietly for their swings to purchase and taste the Garri stuffed in appealing blue and white sachets. The Commodity Manager, Mr Ernest Boateng, said he was profoundly inspired with the sales within two days of exhibiting the item in Nigeria. “I am astounded at the high support among yesterday and today, among other item we brought available to be purchased, this one offers more,” he said. Mr Oshodi Tunde, one of the purchasers who was seen eating the item straightforwardly from the pack, prompted Nigerians to duplicate the imaginative thought. ” Nigerians should make utilization of this thought by packaging Garri with sugar and groundnut available to be purchased as well. “We should quit searching for salaried employments and endeavor to accomplish something significant with our nation’s assets,” he said.

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