TV presenter suffers a heart attack LIVE on air and collapses

TV presenter suffers a heart attack live on air, just ten days after he was fitted with a pacemaker. Sukru Oytan had recently been diagnosed with arrhythmia – a slow or irregular heartbeat – and had undergone a procedure to have a pacemaker fitted. Considering himself once again fit for presenting, he went to work at a local television channel in Turkey’s Eskisehir province. But while commenting on the Sports Toto 1st League Eskisehirspor-Umraniyespor match, he suddenly slumped forward on his desk. In horrifying live TV footage, Oytan can be seen in this position for several seconds while his co-presenter, Guven Sabaz, looks on in confusion. After a short while Sabaz decides to go over and check on his colleague, but as he does so Oytan suddenly jolts and collapses on the floor in a heap. In a statement, the TV channel confirmed that Sukru Oytan had fainted during broadcast, just days after having a pacemaker placed due to arrhythmia. A spokesman said: ‘He was immediately taken to a hospital. The doctors reported that his state is stable. We express our best wishes to Oytan and his family

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