UNILAG Microbiology Student Commits Suicide Over Failed Courses

A student of microbiology from unilag Niyi commit suicide ,his friends who was divested by the news while paying tribute to him ,acknowledge that school doesn’t necessarily determine your life and so, its not worth your life. “Mehn…today cannot get better…RIP Niyi…you were my boy in FIFA…its sad to know another mic student committed suicide….y’all are failing to understand that it’s not by all this school…school doesn’t determine your life…God will judge those behind these because y’all have kids too…Rest in peace brother….Till we meet again I love you but God loves you most…Microbiology is not worth your life …speak up…mehn I’m sad .” “This is the second time a student from the department of microbiology in UNILAG is committing suicide in a space of 3 years. Something isn’t right”Temitope twitte in his twitter handle.

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