WHO Urges Traditional Rulers to Enlighten Citizen under Them on Immunization

Measles resurgence 'due to vaccine hesitancy WHO warns.
Dr. Furera Zakari, the Federal Capital Territory coordinator of the World Health Organization (WHO), has called on traditional rulers in the area councils to enlighten their subjects to present their children for vaccination during immunization exercises. Dr. Zakari, made the call while speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Saturday, emphasized the need for children to be immunized against the polio virus to secure their future. She said that there is an immunization exercise, which started on November 3 to end on the 6th, was to ensure children were vaccinated for protection and eradication of the virus in the country.

She said, “So I want to appeal to parents to present their children for immunization and if the vaccine does not get to them, they should report to the nearest local government. The only thing is for the parents to be convinced that the vaccine is necessary to save their children’s future.”
She explained that the polio vaccine was accessible to the masses even in remote locations due to the efforts of the World Health organization (WHO). She said the primary healthcare coordinators in the area councils were also committed to educating parents on the importance of polio immunization in rural communities.
The coordinator further pleaded with parents and caregivers in the FCT to always see immunization as the only way to completely eradicate the polio virus in the country.

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