Woman spends N127m On 30 Plastic surgeries

Plastic surgeries
Plastic surgeries

A plastic surgery lover has spent close to half a million dollars on procedures, many of which she has done more than once to get just right. ‘‘I’ve had hairline tattooing, six nose jobs, teeth straightening and whitening, two jaw jobs, one Brazilian butt lift. Two designer vaginas, two ear pin areola reductions, and a partridge in a pair tree,’’ she says.

‘’My friends feel that I am a little bit ‘cray-cray’ and that I’m putting my life in danger, ’the British resident said. ’’I can totally see their point, but I ‘m not listening and I’m not stopping’’.

Laura says her addiction to cosmetic procedures started when she was ‘quite young,’ explaining; ‘‘Before surgery, I was an absolute fugly down and out.’’ Although she knows it ”sound quite shallow”, she says ‘‘had nothing else to do’’ but change her appearance.

‘‘I wasn’t very brainy, and I thought if I had a little bit of plastic surgery, my life wound change for better,’’ she explains.

Even though she has gone under the knife many times, Laura still isn’t satisfied with her appearance. She is willing to do almost anything to fund her plastic surgery addiction.

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