Woman throws hot coffee at doughnut shop owner’s face

Woman throws hot coffee at doughnut shop owner's face
A homeless woman has reportedly been arrested for throwing hot coffee at a doughnut shop owner’s face while inside the store this weekend.

In the security footage of the incident, Cindy Seam-Kao, the owner of Spudnuts Donuts in Canoga Park, Calif., went up to the homeless woman to ask her to leave after creating a disturbance.

While Seam-Kao said the homeless woman, who comes into the shop from time to time, has never been a problem before, Seam-Kao was concerned her behavior was frightening the other customers and asked her to leave.

“I did not expect her to throw coffee at me,” Seam-Kao said to CBSLA.

In the video, the homeless woman can be seen arguing with Seam-Kao and then threw a large cup of coffee at her face, which also splashed onto the front window. The altercation continued, with Seam-Kao swatting at the woman while the homeless woman kicked her. Other employees came and forced the woman to leave the shop.

Seam-Kao said she had filed a police report with the city, but feels nothing will be done because of the homeless problem in Los Angeles.

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