1.New Approach Against HIV Virus ‘Holds Promise
2.In Swaziland, Progress Towards Malaria Elimination
3.Dementia halted in mice brains
4.Medical researcher urges government to prioritize elephantiasis

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Nine (9) diseases you could get through kissing. 1. Polio 2. Hepatitis B. 3. Hepatitis C 4. Syphilis 5. Common cold. 6. Meningitis 7. Tuberculosis 8. Mononucleosis 9. Genital Herpes

Ear Care Tips. 1.Treat the common cold promptly 2.Avoid self-medication 3.Avoid exposure to noise 4.See your doctor if you have ear pain, discharge or noise in the ear. 5.Be safety conscious 6. See your ENT doctor regularly

1.Zambia:Step Up Cancer Fight 2.Kenya:One Million Kenyans Suffer From Epileptic Seizures 3.Zimbabwe:Surgeons in Another Medical Milestone 4.Nigeria:There is No Ebola in Nigeria -EbolaAlert

TYPES OF SKIN. There are 5 basic skin care types: 1.Oily Skin 2.Combination (normal) Skin, 3.Sensitive Skin, 4.Dry Skin 5.Sun-damaged Skin.

1.China bans online medical diagnoses 2.Physicians Warn Against Use of Faeces As Fertiliser 3.Expert Allays Fears, As Ebola Scare Hits Lagos 4.Two-minute test can predict avian flu outbreaks

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