A study conducted by Neimeth Pharmaceuticals, through its fight against hypertension project, has revealed hypertension that 36 percent of kirikiri prisoners are hypertensive. According to the CEO of Neimeth on a screening exercise to the prison wondered why prisoners would be hypertensive when they need not bother about what to eat, wear or pay bills. He however said it might be due to several factors including worry about lack of freedom, the environmental condition of the place, types of food, among other unhealthy practices which are unfavourable to the body.
The study was carried out among high and low income earners and hypertension seemed to cut across at the various groups which showed that the condition is a silent killer if left unchecked. They therefore advised Nigerians to take care of their blood pressure as hypertension does not show signs and symptoms.
He added that Neimeth was championing the reduction of hypertension drugs to the bare minimum.


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