Ugandan wins Africa prize for bloodless malaria test

Jun 15, 2018 0

A Ugandan inventor has won a major prize for a device which tests for malaria without drawing blood. Brian Gitta, 24, won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for a device that detects tell-tale signs of malaria by shining a red beam of light on the patient’s finger. The diagnosis is ready to be shared to a mobile phone in a minute. He developed the device, called Matibabu, after blood tests failed to diagnose his own malaria. Malaria is the leading cause of death in Uganda, but it took four blood tests to diagnose Mr Gitta with the disease, Shafik Sekitto, who is part of the Matibabu team, told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme. “[Gitta] brought up the idea: ‘Why can’t we find a new way of using the skills we have found in computer science, of diagnosing a disease without having to prick somebody?” Mr Sekitto said. “Matibabu is simply a game-changer,” Rebecca Enonchong, Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation judge and Cameroonian technology entrepreneur, said in a... ...

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Malawi: Airtel Malawi in Crisis, Mass Exodus of Workers Over Indian Boss Abuse

Jun 14, 2018 0

There is deep managerial crisis at Airtel Malawi which has exposed abuse of Malawian workers by Indian boss leading to mass exodus of employees who cannot take it anymore, Nyasa Times can reveal. So far about 42 employees have left the company in the past four months which include senior executives namely Rachel Mijiga who was Director of Enterprise Business, Paul Kachika and Chifundo Kumpukwe. Insiders said Malawian managing director Charles Kamoto, despite getting around US$25,000 (Approximately K18 million) per month is not helping matter as he cannot fight for fellow Malawian workers who are mostly verbally abused by Indian bosses. Airtel Malawi is owned by an Indian businessman. “There is just blatant abuse of workers here at Airtel Malawi, people are working for 18 hours a day and are expected to be back in the office at 8.30am the following day. On top of that the Indians, especially the Finance director Indradip verbally abuses Malawian workers,” said Nyasa Times source at Airtel Malawi. The sources said salaries for shop... ...

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Eating disorder patients to get up to 50 therapy sessions in new trial

Jun 13, 2018 0

Hundreds of people with eating disorders will get access to expanded psychological treatments under a pilot study conducted on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. •       Pilot trial to boost therapy for patients with eating disorders •       Patients with anorexia will get up to 50 sessions of therapy •       Hopes success of trial in Queensland could lead to national roll out Patients with anorexia will be able to get up to 50 psychotherapy sessions, while patients with less complex eating disorders will be offered up to 20 sessions. Advocates have been calling for access to expanded therapy to ensure patients with eating disorders get the treatment they need, as currently only 8 to 10 sessions with a psychologist are available under the Better Access scheme. Expert say it is the first time multidisciplinary therapy services will be tailored to each patient, based on their individual needs. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the trial will be conducted with patients at Queensland’s Sunshine Coast over 18 months. “Thousands... ...

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 Bottle feeding is a woman’s right, midwives told

Jun 12, 2018 0

If a woman decides not to breastfeed her baby it is her choice and must be respected, midwives are being told.  The Royal College of Midwives’ new position statement makes it explicitly clear that women should be supported if, after being given advice, information and support, they opt to bottle feed using formula milk. Although breast is best, often some women struggle to start or sustain breastfeeding, says the RCM. Informed choice must be promoted. The National Childbirth Trust says women can experience unacceptable levels of pressure however they feed their babies – from family and friends, as well as from people they hardly know.  Mothers who breastfeed their babies often feel pressurised and constrained about whether, where, how often, and how long they breastfeed. Similarly, mothers who use formula milk often feel judged or guilty too, particularly – but not only – if they planned to breastfeed.  Researchers at Liverpool University studied the experiences of more than 1,600 new mums in 2016. Among the 890 who did formula feeding,... ...

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Gambia: FSQA Confiscates Contaminated Eggs

Jun 11, 2018 0

The Food Safety and Quality Authority has announced, in its press release yesterday, that it has retained and confiscated a container carrying rotten eggs at a warehouse. According to the release, an investigation was launched thereafter, to ascertain the cause of the spoilage and the recommended actions to be taken. “The aftermath of the said inquiry however, indicated that the spoilage was actually caused by bad preservation measures by the dealer who actually conceded this,” the release added. The Authority has declared its intention to, as soon as possible, dispose-off these eggs in an area to be designated by the National Environment Agency. It also promised to take stringent corrective measures against the unnamed Food Business Operator, to prevent reoccurrence of The general public has been urged to remain vigilant and report any information on persons suspected to be in any practice with the potential of endangering public health and safety to the Authority. It also promised to further step-up its “routine monitoring of all food establishments and their operations,... ...

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Congo-Kinshasa: Congo Ebola Outbreak – WHO Records 62 Cases, 27 Deaths

Jun 9, 2018 0

The World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said they have recorded 62 Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during this latest outbreak, with 38 confirmations and 27 deaths. The Deputy Director-General for Emergency Preparedness and Response of WHO, Peter Salama, reported in Geneva that was “very strong progress” in response to the Ebola outbreak in the DRC, one month after the start of the disease. He said that the first phase – protecting urban centres and towns – “has gone well, and we can be cautiously optimistic.” “There have been 62 Ebola cases in the DRC during this latest outbreak, with 38 confirmations and 27 deaths. “The latest case, confirmed on Thursday, was in the remote Iboko health zone in the northwest, an indication that the outbreak is ongoing, he said.   Also Read South Africa: SAHRC Announces Inquiry Into Charlotte Maxeke Hospital Protest ...

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Health Problems

Jun 8, 2018 0

In terms of health risks, the evidence is growing that chemicals leached from plastics used in cooking and food/drink storage are harmful to human health. Some of the most disturbing of these are hormone-mimicking, endocrine disruptors, such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. The plastic polycarbonate – used for water bottles and various other items requiring a hard, clear plastic – is composed primarily of BPA. Peer-reviewed scientific studies have linked BPA to health problems that include chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities, impaired brain and neurological functions, cancer, cardiovascular system damage, adult-onset diabetes, early puberty, obesity and resistance to chemotherapy. Exposure to BPA at a young age can cause genetic damage, and BPA has been linked to recurrent miscarriage in women. The health risks of plastic are significantly amplified in children, whose immune and organ systems are developing and are more vulnerable.  The evidence of health risks from certain plastics is increasingly appearing in established, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Of the thousands of chemical additives added to plastics – and which... ...

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Senate Begins Probe of Military over Alleged Rape of IDPs in N/East

Jun 7, 2018 0

The Senate yesterday announced its resolve to probe allegations of rape and human rights abuses by military on internally displaced persons of attacks in the North East region. Consequently, the Senate has set up an investigative panel to look into the allegations. The probe by Senate followed a report by Amnesty International. The ad-hoc probe committee is headed by the chairman of Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, Senator David Umaru (APC Niger East). Other members are: Senators Babajide Omoworare (APC Osun East), Abubakar Kyari (APC Borno North), Jeremiah Useni (PDP Plateau South), Binta Masi Garba (APC Adamawa North), Stella Oduah (PDP Anambra North) and Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP Bayelsa East) as members. Presenting the report yesterday, Senator Shehu Sani (APC Kaduna Central) noted that there was urgent need for the legislature to verify the report since it involves the military. The Amnesty International report claimed that the IDPs were faced with further human right abuses especially rape, in exchange for humanitarian assistance after they had suffered from... ...

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