MEXICO – Mexican Padlocks The Girlfriend Down “South”

Oct 19, 2013 0

To guarantee faithfulness, a Mexican man,40, devised a means of padlocking his girlfriend’s jeans whenever he was leaving the house to ensure she would not sleep with someone else. The 25-yr old had to go to the police in Veracruz after enduring for years. On this day, she was in pain as she could not use the bathroom and supposedly snapped and went to the authorities. The man was arrested and gave the key to the police to open the jeans.

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Mother to Breastfeed Child For Ten Years.

Oct 19, 2013 0
A belly dancer, Maha Al Musa,51, based in New South Wales , Australia says she will breast feed her five year old child until she is 10 years if the daughter so desires. According to her she breastfed her two older children for two years and she believes it helped to boost their immune system.

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FRANCE – Armed Man Hold Two Hostages In Paris Bank

Oct 18, 2013 0

PARIS (AFP) – An armed man is holding two people hostage in a bank in Paris, this started on Friday and he is demanding a negotiator, police said.
The man entered the branch of CIC bank in Paris’s 13th district around 1450 GMT with a handgun and was demanding social housing for himself and his son, a police source said.He initially took four people in the bank hostage but released two, police said.

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Oct 15, 2013 0
We bet you DIDN’T know: 8 things you can do with Coca-Cola…besides drinking it.
To remove those ugly stains, simply pour Regular Coke into your toilet bowl over the dirty areas and wait for 10 minutes. The acid in the Coke will break up even the most difficult stains.

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Girl, 11, protects 2 sisters from bullets by using her body to cover them (PICTURED)

Oct 11, 2013 0

An Alabama elementary school community is celebrating the bravery of a fifth-grade girl who shielded two younger students from gunfire with her body and got them home safely. …

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10 celebrities we can’t get enough of….

Oct 11, 2013 0

From the red carpet to the after parties, there are some celebrities that are simply on track at all times when it comes to fashion. With the awards season approaching, you never know what they could come up with next. These celebs always step up their fashion A-game. They are always a delight on the red carpet, they never disappoint when it comes to dressing all the way up, whether it’s one shoulder or strapless, these selected ten fashionistas wear them well.


 Tiwa Savage 

From all her classy red carpets dresses to her darling baby doll dresses and little clutches, she always looked refreshingly sweet. We can’t wait to see more of her pretty style in 2013.

*Tiwa Savage

Genevive Nnaji 

Nigeria’s Nollywood sweetheart’s fashion choices have become more and more glamorous with each even but we’re even more excited to see what she’ll wear on the red carpet this year.

Lisa Folawiyo

The fashion designer is one of the coolest around. Whether she’s wearing a funky short sleeved shirt, bold shoes, or an elegant Ankara dress, she always looks fashion forward and totally at ease in her clothes.






*Lisa Folawiyo

Nkiru Anumudu

She never fails to give us something interesting to look at, and to think about. She’s always one-upping herself too. We can’t wait to see what new looks she rolls out in 2013.






* Nkiru Anumudu


Alali Hart

The Clarins boss always appears in outfits that are supremely well-fitted and classy.






*Alali Hart

Omowumi Akinnifesi

Her style of gowns, I’m sure, has been taken to plenty of tailors to be duplicated simply for being the most eye catching. She never disappoints when it comes to dressing all the way up, whether its one shoulder or strapless, she wears them well.

* Omowunmi Akinnifesi

Agbani Darego

– We can’t get enough of her quirky, vintage-inspired red carpet choices. This former Miss World knows how to rock the red carpet.

*Agani Darego

Nike Oshinowo

– Whether she’s rocking a funky print dress, bight printed scarves,, Nike  one to watch for all the newest and most wearable trends this year..






Nike Oshinowo

Munachi Abii 

She was giggling for the paparazzi, wearing a wild poka-dotted dress, or strutting in hot pink pumps, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Munachi is fun fun fun. Here is hoping for   more fun with Muna in 2013.






*Munachi Abii


Omotola Jolade Ekehinde

– With her often times dramatic dresses which emphasizes her curves, the Nollywood diva is always a delight to watch on the red carpet. We look forward to more drama this fashion year.

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Great deal on the rent? Man discovers secret ‘dungeon’ after moving into new apartment

Oct 10, 2013 0

A Reddit user investigated a hatch in the floor (Picture: demc7 / Imgur)

It sounds like the plot from a straight-to-DVD budget horror flick.

A day after moving into a new studio apartment, a curious tenant decided to investigate a mysterious hatch in the floorleading to a secret ‘dungeon’.

A little ‘freaked out’ by the space his estate agent failed to mention, the occupier sensibly called up a friend before investigating the creepy cellar in more detail.

‘Yesterday I moved into my studio apartment,’ the mystery man explained on Reddit.

The tenant says there is a ’19th century layout of corridors’ (Picture: demc7 / Imgur)

‘It’s in an old English monastery conversion, dates back to the 19th century I reckon, and now has about 30 apartments.

‘I have a tiny room on the ground floor. Got a great deal on the rent, and didn’t realise how much value I got until I moved in and found an area worthy of any movie-grade exploration.’

He says he finds it ‘a little very scary living above it alone’, but added the space would be great for a ‘home cinema or dungeon party’. Internet users have speculated it could be an old furnace room, while others suggested using it to freak out his friends Bed, or crypt, it’ll make a good seat for a potential home cinema or dungeon party Another added: ‘Don’t worry, you’re not alone.’ An old furnace room?

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Sunny Okosuns’ family disowns ex-queen, Ethel, ‘she’s not our father’s daughter’

Oct 10, 2013 0

Sunny Okosuns’ family disowns ex-queen, Ethel, ‘she’s not our father’s daughter’ The family of late singer Sunny Okosuns has disowned claims by former beauty queen and Nigeria project director, Exquisite Face of Africa,Ethel ‘Okosuns’; insisting she is not a daughter to the late singer and legend Sunny Okosuns. Ethel who was Miss Earth 2005 is known by associates with the surname ‘Okosuns’ and in September 2013, had granted an interview to Vanguard during which she repeatedly flashed back to memories …

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