Stomach discomfort

I am a young girl of 28 years. From time to time, I suffer stomach disorder especially in the early hours of the day. I’m convinced that it has nothing to do with worms and menstruation irregularities. Once it starts, it makes me feel weak and lousy. Please, advise me on what to do. I’m tired of taking drugs.



Dear Obiageri,

            This could be a case of peptic ulcer. I will like to know if there is any aggravating or relieving factor.



Pains on the feet


I normally feel some serious pains on my feet, as if bags of cement were kept on it. This

Is frequent whenever I wake up from bed. In fact, I have noticed that another member of

my family is having the pain too. I will like to know the true cause of this.

Could it be hereditary?


Iyana Ipaja


Dear Judith,

            I cannot say whether your condition is hereditary or not. Additional information is required such as age, weight, occupation, blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc.



Itching in private part


Hi doctor,

I’m in my early thirties and married with a kid. Itching in the private part has become my major sickness in recent times. Whenever, I have sex, I begin to have pain on the lower part of my abdomen. It also makes me feel hot right inside my vagina, coupled with a whitish discharge like air from a tube valve. I also notice rashes on the surface of my vagina. I’m afraid if this will destroy my fallopian tube.



Dear Augustina,

                  This may be a symptom of STD(Sexual Transmitted Disease); may be candidiasis. It may benefit from high vagina swab (HVS). Your partner may also be required for screening.



Having been married for eight years, I experience miscarriage anytime I conceive. Again, I notice that whenever I make love, the sperm flows out instead. Can I ever conceive?




Dear Maureen,

            You should find out your blood group and Rhesus factor. Pelvic scan will be needed while your husband should go for Seminal Fluid Analysis (SFA)

Yes, you can conceive.



Swelling of Legs


I’m a mother of 52 years. Over a year now, I normally have swollen legs and when I stand for about 30 minutes, my legs start shaking. A shock in my blood that triggers a rise in my blood pressure follows this. At this moment, I feel restless and sleepless, and one side of my body, including my tongue, becomes stiff that I cannot speak with ease.

What is happening to me? What is the way out?

Mrs. Funmilayo,



Dear Mrs. Funmilayo,

            I suggest that you see a medical practitioner for a general medical check-up.



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