Experts say proper diagnosis and right drugs as well as treatment will improve quality of life of patients. According to a Senior Consultant Neurologist, Institute of Neuro-sciences, Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India, Prof. Pushpendra Renjen, cases of epilepsy are growing in Nigeria due to absence of proper diagnosis and the belief that the disorder is more of a spiritual attack than a medical disorder. He said with the right treatment epilepsy is controlled in 70 to 75 percent (3 in 4) of uncontrolled epileptic patients and that many epileptic patients in Nigeria today do not get treatment due to the myths and misconceptions surrounding the disorder.
Renjen said although there is no permanent cure for epilepsy, but with the right diagnosis and right drugs, patients’ quality of life can be improved.
Unfortunately, these drugs are not available in Nigeria and many people do not know where to get help for epilepsy.

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