Female sexual problems.

Female sexual problem
Female sexual problem is said to exist if a woman recurrently has no desire for sex, no arousal , painful sex etc to the extent that she is distressed and her relationship with her partner is affected negatively. The symptoms are discussed below; while some of the conditions have only gained recent recognition, others have been well known in medicine.

1. Loss of sexual desire (libido)
Libido is defined as sex drive or the desire for sex; some women have no desire for sex or very low desire. This certainly can stress a relationship. Causes of low or lack of sexual desire include medication, chronic illness, pregnancy, low oestrogen level, stress, sexual turn-off, depression, religion, cultural beliefs, fatigue , painful sex etc.
Do not hesitate to see a doctor if you have the problem as a solution could be found.
2. Lack of arousal
Lack of arousal exists if there is no vaginal lubrication inspite of adequate vaginal stimulation. Other evidence includes lack of vulva changes (labia majora and minora), lack of enlargement of the clitoris, lack of engorgement and erect mode of the nipples.
3. Painful sex
Sex may be painful, this could be due dryness of the vagina in menopausal women or poor vaginal lubrication due to medication, chronic illness among others.  Narrowing of the vagina due to vaginal mutilation, injuries to the vagina with scarification, surgical operation following tears during child birth.
4. Failure to achieve orgasm
Very few women experience orgasm in their life time, orgasm is characterized by increased heart rate, respiratory rate, increased vaginal lubrication, vaginal and anal contractions, extreme sexual pleasure, vocalisation and release from tension.
5. Persistent sexual arousal
Sexual arousal can be persistent, an abnormal condition which can be very stressful and depressing. In this case, the vulva remains persistently engorged, the vagina persistently lubricated and the clitoris persistently enlarged. Causes are largely unknown.
It is not aborted by sexual intercourse, it is rather increased by it.
6. Persistent orgasm
While most women never experience orgasm, a few have persistent orgasm that can last for days and triggered by anything from simple hug to moving trains. It is a rare condition, so very little is known about the causes and possible treatment of the condition; one case is said to have resulted from a cyst in the spinal cord following an injury.
Persistent orgasm is not stopped by sex and can occur at anytime and anywhere.
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