Life is all about men and women, men want to please women while women want to do things that will attract men.  Stable relationships help stabilize society, stability means emotional satisfaction to a large extent. It is the duty of both persons in the relationship though only one person may be on the driver’s sit.
In about 99.9 percent of relationships, the man is older, emotionally more mature (though debatable) and physically stronger but that is where it should end.
The man should reach out and ensure that he satisfies his woman emotionally not lord it over her.
Below are some ways to do that.
1.Be Humourous
Be a comedian if you must, laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Some women are easily turned on by men who are humourous and are fun to be with. There are no dull moments, there are always things to discuss and laugh about.
I believe comedians have the best women around these days, we all have to learn comedy to survive the hot competition for good women.
2.Good communication
Listen attentively to your women when she makes her point, pours her heart at the end of a hectic day, do not interject until she is done, show solidarity when necessary, advise when necessary but be sincere and explain why you are taking a different position on issues when you do.
Do not in any way discourage or restrain her education or career. Let her be herself and encourage her to achieve her dreams.
3.Give her quality Time
Make out time to spend quality time with your woman alone, maybe during a weekend, long holiday or during your annual leave. If you can afford it, travel out of your city of residence or out of the country. You can take evening walks together if it is safe enough, visit the gym together or some window shopping, visit the movie or have a meal in a cozy restaurant with classical/jazz music in the background. The effect is very soothing and bonding.
4.Domestic Support
Assist your woman with domestic chores when you are home especially if there is no domestic staff. Do the dishes, do the laundry, mow the lawns, and do some of the shopping for groceries.
Help with the children if there are any.
5.No ‘Giraffing’
Do not be distracted when out with your woman by bending your neck/stretching your neck all the time to admire other women and maybe making comments. Let her be the centre of your attention all the time you are together. You can giraffe when you go out alone but only with your eyes.
6.Always Compliment
Make it a habit to compliment your woman regularly, everyone likes that, it helps to hype her spirit. If the dressing is not quite fitting, say so in a loving way, do not castigate her. Such compliments should extend to whatever she does.
7.Make Love not “sex”.
Do not be a hurry to make love to your woman, devote about an hour to the act from foreplay to the end. It takes quite some time to put her in the mood and do not hurry her if she is not in the mood.
Try to make her achieve orgasm and cuddle her for another 15 minutes after the act.
Anything outside this is like a visit to a prostitute and you leave her high and dry.


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